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Course Etiquette

With golf becoming such a popular sport, we thought we would help new players understand more about course care, etiquette, dress and behaviour on the course.


ball_logoOn The Course

One major issue that will guarantee to make you public enemy number one is slow play. When you start playing, it may be surprising to find how quickly you have to walk around the course. One slow match can ruin the enjoyment of 100 golfers (no exaggeration). It is best for all concerned if you can keep pace with golfers in front. If you cannot and you lose one clear hole to the players in front, you must wave the match behind through.


ball_logoCourse Care

The Green Staff take great pride in the maintenance of the course and want golfers to enjoy their game. There are a few ‘golden rules’ to follow, and by doing so you will be noticed as a knowledgeable golfer.

• No trolleys or buggies on greens, green approaches, bunkers and tees.

• Replace all divots (turf cut or displaced) while playing.

• Smooth over all club and footprint marks made in a bunker.

• Repair ball pitch marks and spike marks on greens.

• Take care not to damage the hole cup when handling the flag stick.

• Do not leave golf bags on the green.

• Always follow the Starter/Ranger’s instructions.

• Tee off at your booked time.

There you are, quite easy really, but it is amazing how many golfers who have been playing for a few years have yet to become knowledgeable.



At Trent Park there are no specific dress rules, most golfers prefer smart/casual wear. Players must not dress in a manner which would cause an offence to others. Shoes should be suitable for the course (i.e., no stilettos or football boots). Clean soft spikes are welcome in the clubhouse and restaurant. No metal spikes or dirty shoes, please.


ball_logoEtiquette and Behaviour

Here are a few simple rules to follow:

Players must not behave in a manner which would cause an offence to others.

• Four players is the maximum allowed in one match.

• Players are not allowed to share a bag of clubs.

• Dogs are not allowed on the course or range.

• Wait until the players in front are out of range before playing your shot.

• Do not distract your partner by either talking, moving or standing too near when he plays.

• Play without delay; 12 practice swings before each shot and a five minute putting routine infuriates everyone.

• Five minutes is the maximum permitted time searching for a lost ball. Wave the match behind through if it is apparent that you cannot find your ball quickly.

• Shout FORE if you miss-hit a shot and it looks like it might hit other players.

• Golf balls and clubs can cause some dreadful injuries, make sure when you practice swing that you do not endangers one of your partners or caddies and spectators.

• All players are advised to hold personal golf insurance as any claim for personal injury will be held against the person who hits the ball.

• Do not shout, swear, throw your clubs, bag, trolley or partner if the shot you hit is not absolute perfection. Golf is meant to be a relaxing sport, at times it can be infuriating, but that is what makes it good. Just think how boring it would be if every shot went ‘straight down the middle’ and every putt was holed – nobody would wish to play.

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